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Let’s Get Toasted


9.99 | 12 Count Box

$9.00 / month

After a long night of getting toasted – at the club, in the bar, or on your couch – there’s nothing better than a cup of Let’s Get Toasted coffee in the morning. It’s not a hangover cure…but it is a celebration of life and mother fucking coconut.

Each cup is 0.35oz (10g) | Total Net Wt. 4.2oz (119g)
Premium Coffee Cups
Compatible with any brewer that uses K-Cup® style capsules.



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2 reviews for Let’s Get Toasted

  1. jasonadmin

    I prefer my coconuts toasted, and my cups from Lets Joe

  2. Michelle Wadas

    Never had coffee taste so good!!! Blueberry Scone and toasted coconuts are my favorite. Such and amazing taste! Let’s Joe❤️

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